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Living, working and breathing hospitality for most of our lifes, the dream of ever owning something always seemed just that little bit out of our reach.  Several years ago we decided to create Krankin Catering which was an opportunity for us to do something that we both had a passion for as well as being able to be part of the community in which we live and love. 

When 71 Manning Road became available we jumped at the opportunity to make our dream become a reality.  Perhaps a little crazy considering we were in the middle of COVID but again we believed the perfect opportunity to keep busy during an uncertain time and to perhaps bring some joy to the local people for when things opened back up and you could catch up with family and friends again.  We saw the potential these two shops had but perhaps didn’t realize the amount of work required to get them up to the vision we had for the cafe.  The work was completed solely by us, family and friends and we couldn’t have done it without their support.

Krankin Café was born in September 2020 which was designed to be warm, friendly and provide food to be fresh and homely.  We really hope we have created this environment for people to enjoy.

The Krankin team is entirely made up of local, fun loving individuals.  Our head chef Rainbow immigrated to Australia in 2009 from Bangkok and has a passion for food and is always happy to chat to the customers and ensure they have enjoyed their meals.  Adi our casual chef and his family have been in Australia for over a year and Adi loves to bake.  Nia our very friendly Café Manager has worked locally in the area for some time and brings fun and laughter to the café and our weekend team of Harry and Abbi are hard studying whilst brining a friendly, loveable vibe with them on weekends to meet and greet all our customers for their coffee, breakfast and lunch needs.

Then there is us, Duncan and Kristy, we just want people to walk in to our café, enjoy the service, the banter, the coffee and food and leave happy.  Our happiness is to see our customers smile and if we can do that in all different forums, to get to know all the locals and provide a place that everyone loves, then our dreams have become reality and we thank our customers, staff, family and friends for being part of our journey.

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